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Our Story

We believe that when people venture outdoors, we bond with the natural world, both as individuals and as part of our communities. To be immersed in nature, to walk along trails or through parks, to engage the senses and the mind with others, develops a reverence and fellowship with the landscape, our bodies, our friends and neighbors, and the books that support all the above.

The Keen teams include Wilderness Press, which will celebrate it’s 50th anniversary in 2017; Menasha Ridge Press, founded in 1982; the Unofficial Guides which started publication in 1983; the Nature Study Guides which have been around for decades; Clerisy Press, commencing in 2006, and our newest addition, Coconut Press.

This lineup makes Keen the parent company for some the best-selling travel and adventure books in the United States, delivering the best in travel content and location information available to readers and enthusiasts.

By listening to our customers, we realized the importance of health and wellness. That’s why Keen has launched Keen Wellness, to help address the growing need for strong content in helping people to lead healthy and active life.